Amazon Order Fulfilment

Our Amazon integration represents an opportunity to reach over 150 million potential new customers, extend your geographic range, build brand awareness and increase overall revenue. The combination of offering best selling items and the trust associated with Amazon can help greatly in growing your company, customer base and revenue. Multichannel Order Manager´s (M.O.M.) built-in Amazon integration enables you to easily open this new business channel while automating order processing, order acknowledgements, shipping notices and tracking information.® Order Management Module

With M.O.M. you can seamlessly integrate your stock management, order processing and many other business operations for ecommerce sales via Amazon Marketplace. M.O.M. includes a built-in connection that meets Amazon´s requirements allowing your business to sell your entire inventory through your Amazon storefront.

M.O.M. provides your business with the ability to automatically download new orders, publish product information and synchronise your inventory. M.O.M. even notifies Amazon that you have received and begun processing the order.

Key features include:

  • Automatically download new Amazon orders directly to M.O.M., eliminating the need to re-enter data into M.O.M. and Amazon.
  • Group your products into the most accurate categories using M.O.M.´s expanded category management feature
  • Easily import and export product descriptions and categories en masse to increase your visibility
  • Continually upload and download order with an automated publishing feature.
  • Quickly adjust product descriptions in M.O.M. and have the updates reflected in Amazon Marketplace
  • Upload order acknowledgment to inform Amazon of order processing. Import orders as either fulfilled or not fulfilled.
  • Manage and publish product details, multiple images and other product information.
  • Synchronise online inventory in batch.
  • Upload shipping information to update Amazon’s online order status.
  • Source key tracking for all orders placed through Amazon for reporting.
  • Take advantage of the enhanced support for Fulfilment by Amazon to offer free super saver shipping to entice Amazon´s customers to choose your products

To discuss your integration needs or to arrange a free business review to analyse and evaluate your business requirements please call Richard on 020 7801 6181 or contact us here

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