Stock Management Software

Automatically update any inventory changes that result from sales, purchases, stock adjustments or returns with the use of our stock management software, whilst also allowing stock availability levels to be updated to the relevant channel.

We deliver comprehensive stock control systems for small and medium sized businesses who are experiencing problems in managing their inventory


The online retail marketplace is becoming very competitive and complete stock control management is crucial to fulfilling your customers’ requirements efficiently and on time. The onus falls on you to choose business software with comprehensive stock management capabilities that cater for all eventualities such as peaks and troughs in trading or difficult trading situations, as well as the management of this stock across multiple channels and warehouses

Powerful stock and inventory control across all channels

Whatever stock or product your business sells, how and where it sells it shouldn’t restrict the growth and functioning of your business. Total stock visibility is needed throughout the company in order for your staff to be as effective as possible. Stock levels need to be optimised and managing inventory across multiple channels in one solution ensures accurate stock levels are published to your sales channels to avoid overselling or out of stock situations. Our solutions provide all that is required for effective stock management for the small and medium size business.

Stock Control with Barcode scanning

Whether you require barcode scanning to pick and pack your orders faster or to reduce pick errors or to receive stock into the warehouse faster or more effectively, we have a flexible solution for you that can be adapted by you. You may only use scanning for packing and not picking; you can chop and change as you desire.

Precise Lot tracking

Have you ever had a product that is recalled and you need to notify your customers? Using lot tracking you know which of those items are in stock and need to be pulled from your inventory as well as those customers who have already received or are about to receive a product from that lot. Tracking can be done by raw material or at finished goods level. No other inventory management system provides you with the tools to manage this effectively.

Inventory forecasting

Using sophisticated algorithms you can forecast how much inventory is needed in the future based on past sales trends - weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. This improves your purchasing process and ensures that your stock holding is optimum in line with your sales ensuring that you can identify those products that can be bought ‘just in time’ and those that have a long lead time.

Multiple supplier management

Our solutions give you the ability to manage multiple suppliers at multiple buying levels. You are now better equipped to source inventory and manage complex supplier and multi-supplier fulfilment requirements. Visibility of suppliers stock availability can give you a massive competitive advantage.

Manage multiple warehouses

Are you using multiple warehouses to store and ship products? Maintaining multiple warehouses is pretty straightforward. Visibility of inventory in each bin location within each warehouse; establishing special bins for returns, damaged or bulk storage, as well as transferring inventory from one warehouse to another is supported.

Those extraordinary requirements that other solutions lack….

Do you find that there is a requirement in your small business to create kits or hampers, offer membership clubs, sell in fractional quantities or offer size/colour variations? These can prove to be a nightmare for many multichannel inventory management solutions, but not us.

Other stock control features that provide efficiency and accuracy

• Multiple Warehouses • User Definable fields
• Multiple Bin locations • Expiry Dates
• Alternate Stock numbers • Unlimited price lists
• Multiple EAN codes • Bill of Materials
• Multiple Suppliers • Product manufacturing
• Barcode Scanning • Minimum stock levels
• Access data anywhere, anytime • Mass import of products
• Full audit trail • Mass editing of products
• Lot tracking • Serial number creation

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