B2B Verticals

Business-to-Business Multichannel Order Management

Just because you’re not selling traditional consumer products through retail channels doesn’t mean Dydacomp’s Multichannel Order Manager and SiteLINK ecommerce can’t help you with your business. A significant portion of M.O.M. users sell to other businesses. The same principles that apply to consumer business apply to business-to-business operations. That is to say accelerating and simplifying your fulfilment processes will reduce your costs and increase customer satisfaction. Effective reporting will improve your control over the business and working off a single database will reduce errors and provide better customer management.


M.O.M provides a streamline B2B operation

Our list of B2B customers is long and diverse, including product manufacturers such as surgical supplies, car wash equipment, scientific equipment, trusses, metal polishers, boxes and more – not to mention the manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors selling all the traditional consumer products to merchants.

It doesn’t end there. Multichannel Order Manager is used by service providers that you wouldn’t think need improved order processing such as building and utility contractors, commercial printers, real estate agents, video production houses, churches and even physicians use M.O.M.

No matter what the situation, M.O.M. provides the special features that streamline a B2B operation. These include:

  • Kit assembly and disassembly
  • Composite management
  • On-demand manufacturing
  • Fractional qauntities
  • Decimal pricing
  • Customer specific pricing and unlimited pricing levels
  • Backorder and advance ship date management
  • Specific trade and wholesale special pricing
  • Multi-buy discounts

The common thread here is making stock available and selling it,even if that inventory is simply ‘time’. Other challenges inslude fulfilling the product or service commitment, collecting payments upon delivery, forwarding the results to an accounting system and providing reports on how you performed.

So as a B2B marketer you can count on Multichannel Order Manager and cloud hosted SiteLINK to deliver the best in class order processing, inventory management, ecommerce software, order fulfillment, integrated advanced shipping with Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Citylink, DHL, Yodel, Fedex, UPS, GFS or MetaPack, while keeping your order history data in one customer database that is totally PCI compliant.

To discuss your integration needs or to arrange a free business review to analyse and evaluate your business requirements please call Richard on 020 7801 6181 or contact us here

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