Ebay Order Fulfilment

M.O.M.’s eBay integration allows you to seamlessly integrate your inventory management, order processing and all other business operations with your online eBay store. This integration enables your business to sell your entire stock inventory through an eBay auction and/or an eBay Store.

Ebay Inventory Management

M.O.M.’s Web Auction Management feature maintains consistent communication with eBay to expand your companies online sales opportunities. This integration with M.O.M. keeps your inventory synchronised and precise to ensure the highest quality inventory management for eBay. The WAMM integration provides your business with the ability to reserve inventory to ensure that any items sold on eBay auction are in stock.

WAMM features include:

  • Reserve stock for online auctions
  • Publish Product Information to eBay (Product images, descriptions and other important product information)
  • Synchronise inventory levels for accurate stock counts in M.O.M.
  • Establish eBay pricing (starting bid prices and fixed bid prices)
  • Download all complete and paid sales (auctions)
  • Send all package information to eBay for accurate order status updates, tracking and shipping information.
  • Source key tracking for all orders placed in eBay for internal reports.

To discuss your integration needs or to arrange a free business review to analyse and evaluate your business requirements please call Richard on 020 7801 6181 or contact us here

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