Multichannel Order Manager for MIVA Merchant

No matter how good your MIVA Merchant ecommerce site is you still need to manage the orders, stock, order processing, accounting, customer database, marketing, reporting, etc to make sure your customers are happy and your business grows. While this is typically a long list of tasks to any business, doing it all well results in a operational efficiencies that keep your business growing and profitable.

M.O.M. and MIVA

Trying to piece together a total solution for all these jobs with a mix of off-the-shelf accounting, contact management, mailing, order processing programs simply does not work because you lack true integration and streamlined processes. As thousands of successful ecommerce, cataloguers & mail order houses already know when it comes to the every day tasks associated with order management and processing Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) is simply the best tool available.

Together M.O.M. and MIVA Merchant offer a complete, cost-effective and scaleable solution for your entire business. It is the successful integration of these two solutions that makes the M.O.M. and MIVA Merchant solution so powerful! Automatically import your MIVA Merchant orders directly into M.O.M. and let M.O.M. do the rest.

  • Customer Management
  • Phone & Mail Order Entry
  • Order Processing & Shipping
  • Inventory Management and MIVA Product Publishing
  • ‘Active’ Inventory Synchronization with your MIVA store
  • Purchasing & Forecasting
  • Accounting
  • Reporting & List Management

Start with the configuration of Multichannel Order Manager modules that is perfect for your business today and add more as your business grows and evolves.

To discuss your integration needs or to arrange a free business review to analyse and evaluate your business requirements please call Richard on 020 7801 6181 or contact us here

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