Ecommerce Integration for Multichannel Order Manager

Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) communicates with a variety of popular third party ecommerce solutions, marketplaces, shopping carts and platforms to expand your company’s online sales opportunities. It includes integration with Amazon’s Marketplace and eBay so you can reach additional hundreds of million customers, as well as the ever popular Magento web platform. You can also add any combination of M.O.M.’s additional ecommerce integration solutions to keep your online presence flexible and complete using our XML uploader.® Marketplace built-in integration

  • Download Amazon orders directly to M.O.M. without duplicate effort.
  • Manage and upload product details, images and much more directly from Multichannel Order Manager
  • Synchronise online inventory availability
  • Upload shipping information to update Amazon’s online order status
  • Requires M.O.M.’s Import/Export Module (IEM)

Web Auction Management (WAM) for eBay® Built-in Integration

  • Maintains a dynamic communication link between Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) & eBay
  • Manage and publish product information
  • Downloads all completed and paid sales orders
  • Keeps inventory synchronised
  • Sends package information to eBay & updates online order statuses

Yahoo!® Store Order Management Module

  • Download Yahoo! Store order and information requests directly to Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) software
  • Eliminates double work and clerical errors.
  • Save time and money. No programming necessary.
  • Requires Multichannel Order Manager’s (M.O.M.) Import/Export Module (IEM)

Channel Advisor® Order Management Built-in Integration

  • Download Channel Advisor orders directly to Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) software
  • Expands your online sales potential beyond your branded store, making order import from a variety of Channel Advisor marketplace and shopping comparison partner sites a snap. Example partner sites include Shopzilla,,, PriceGrabber,, Pixmania and many others.
  • Eliminates duplicate work and clerical errors.
  • Save time and money. No programming necessary.
  • Multichannel Order Manager’s (M.O.M.) Import/Export Module (IEM) Required

Miva Merchant Integration

No matter how good your MIVA Merchant ecommerce site is, you still need to manage the orders, inventory, order processing, accounting, customer database, marketing, reporting and so much more to make sure your customers are happy and your business grows. Although that’s a long list of tasks, doing it all well results in operational efficiencies that keep your business thriving and profitable.

Trying to piece together a total solution for all these jobs with a mix of “off-the-shelf” general accounting, contact management, mailing, inventory or simple database programs simply does not work because you lack true integration and streamlined processes. As thousands of successful ecommerce, cataloguers and mail order houses already know when it comes to the everyday tasks associated with order management and processing Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) is simply the best tool available.

Together M.O.M. and MIVA Merchant offer a complete, cost-effective and scaleable solution for your entire business and integration is precisely what makes the M.O.M. and MIVA Merchant solution so powerful. Automatically import your MIVA Merchant orders directly into M.O.M. and let M.O.M. do the rest.

  • Customer Management
  • Phone & Mail Order Entry
  • Order Processing & Shipping
  • Inventory Management and MIVA Product Publishing
  • “Active” Inventory Synchronization with your MIVA store
  • Purchasing & Forecasting
  • Accounting
  • Reporting & List Management

To discuss your integration needs or to arrange a free business review to analyse and evaluate your business requirements please call Richard on 020 7801 6181 or contact us here

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